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Hogeschool van Amsterdam

University of Amsterdam

The Hogeschool van Amsterdam offers students the opportunity to get the best out of themselves. Education extends over seven areas of interest, each with a diverse range of courses. Within the HvA, employees and students build their own future and that of their environment on a daily basis. The HvA is a center of connection between disciplines, between diverse people and the professional field in and around Amsterdam. The HvA, for example, offers students and employees all facilities to enable them to develop their talent in study and work. In the middle of the big city, students and employees are given the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to society.

dom-fou Unsplash
dom-fou Unsplash

Studying involves more than just following a study. Student life also consists of finding suitable accommodation, activities in addition to your studies and using the various facilities that the AUAS offers you. You can also deepen or broaden your studies by taking a minor or by participating in an excellence program or honors trajectory.

All the range of education, research, interns, projects, courses and events within the HvA is spread over twelve areas of interest. Below you can find what is happening at the HvA per area of ​​interest.

Construction and infrastructure

The world of construction and infrastructure is complex and challenging. Consider making large new urban projects possible. Many professionals work together to achieve this.

Design and creation

At HvA Design and Creation, students start their search for their own form, vision and craftsmanship. Our students enrich society with distinctive concepts, products and services that have commercial and social value.

Economy and management

Economics and Management has a wide range of studies, focused on, among other things, managing cash flows, trade, accounting, communication, sports marketing and organizational or personnel changes.


Feel good in your skin, perform optimally at work or enjoy a night at the theater. That is not self-evident for everyone and, moreover, it must all be arranged.


The world of IT is always on the move. Global partnerships are entered into and broken. Companies are increasingly dependent on their competitive advantage through ICT for their profit.

Logistics, air and sea shipping

Get acquainted with the world of sea and aviation or the logistics sector. Logistics focuses on all branches, but of course also on transport. Which means of transport do you use and how do you incur the least costs?

Media and communication

We can no longer imagine a world without communication and the use of interactive media. Message, resources and media are filled in in an innovative and creative way to achieve the objectives of an organization.

People and society

HvA Mens & Maatschappij is at the heart of Amsterdam society. The interdependence with the city is reflected in a great social involvement that is visible in all courses.

Education and upbringing

HvA Education and Upbringing wants to get the best out of the pupils and children. How do you teach them to understand the world and to ensure the right climate for their development? How do you transfer knowledge and skills so that young people can build the world of tomorrow?

Law and administration

Law and Governance is about justice, managing a country or organization and getting the best out of people. You can do this as a business administrator, Human Resource Management consultant or HBO lawyer.

Sport and nutrition

Young people learn to teach others to move. But also stimulate others to a healthy lifestyle. By working together and exercising, keeping the condition up to date and choosing responsible nutrition.


Technology at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam includes many technical courses and a number of teacher courses. The range of training courses is very diverse and challenging.

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